Nando Leijenhorst


36.HB 04.240

Mekelweg 4

Delft, the Netherlands

I am a PhD candidate at the Discrete Mathematics and Optimization group at Delft University of Technology.

Currently I am interested in applying semidefinite programming and polynomial optimization techniques to problems in discrete geometry, such as the kissing number problem and the sphere packing problem.

selected publications

  1. Preprint
    Optimality and uniqueness of the D_4 root system
    David de Laat, Nando Leijenhorst, and Willem H. H. de Muinck Keizer
    Apr 2024
  2. Preprint
    Optimality of spherical codes via exact semidefinite programming bounds
    Henry Cohn, David de Laat, and Nando Leijenhorst
    Mar 2024